Thursday, 1 August 2013

Angels Blood

Angels Blood by Nalini Singh;
Book 1 of the Guild Hunter Series

I read several reviews of this book in Goodreads, and it was recommended to me. I was curious as most of the reviews were very positive, plus angels and archangels were a new subject to me.

As I was going into hospital for the day I had a quick read at the beginning of several books in order to find one I felt would capture me enough to take my mind off the situation, and found once I started this book I had to keep going.

I loved the characters, the action, the writing, the romance. This is one of those series where I started with a ‘real’ book, but tempted to change now to Kindle for the speed as I want more!! And I want it now!

The basic story is that a vampire hunter, Elena, is given a job by the Guild. She is agitated as the job is with the Archangel of New York, and his reputation goes before him, for cruelty and lack of concern for humans. As the summons asks for her specifically, neither she nor the Guild can turn it down. Elena is confused as he wants  her to track an archangel, and she has no experience in this only vampires. They work together and their relationship evolves and changes as their quest brings them together.

There is (to me anyway) a whole new bio for vampires and angels, which was interesting to me and gave the book an added twist. I mean angels are lovely loving creatures - aren't they? 

If this is your style, paranormal / supernatural with action and romance, please give it a try, well worth it.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Two Evils by P J Tracy

This is book 6 in the Monkeewrench series. I have read all the series and enjoyed them, but somehow this one is not up to standard, for me.

It felt thin, short, not enough about the individuals in Monkeewrench crew, nor Detective Magozzi & Gino. The story was good, I enjoyed reading it, but just not enough. If I hadn’t read the previous books, this might have put me off, as it is , I will just write it off as a blip, and wait for book 7.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I had downloaded this book quite some time ago, and it kind of got lost in the initial influx of downloads in my new Kindle. Realising that some of my earlier downloads were being passed over and forgotten about, I decided to create a new group on my Kindle – ‘Books I am eager to read’ and trawled through all the other groups and organised them. Then I discovered this one again.

I sat down one day and started reading it and by the end of page one, knew I would enjoy the writing, and by the end of chapter one, knew I would love it. I was aghast that I had missed it for so long - yet excited because I still had it to read – I was now at last on the journey.

I do enjoy a good story with Witches, Vampire and Demons, and any other supernatural creatures you care to include, but the added extra with this book is that they are not teens or at school, they were adults, thank goodness, The premise of the book is that there is an ancient book which these people know exists and believe it tells the story of their origins. The book begins in the UK where Diane is researching in Oxford University, she is in the library as is her habit, and has delivered to her the ancient books she has requested. One of the books, as soon as she touches it, makes her fingers tingle and she knows immediately there is magic around. Although she manages to open the book it is difficult to read as the letters are moving and there are layers of writing. As it isn’t relevant to her studies and she knows there is magic, she puts the book aside and returns it to the staff.
Diane is from a long and distinguished line of witches, but from childhood has avoided using/leaning about her powers mainly because her parents were killed, and the fact that they were both witches made her avoid the art. Part of being a witch, however is that she can sense when there is another witch or any other supernatural being around, and there have always been a few, and there is a group of local witches who have been trying to get her to join with them, but she has steered clear. After the morning she handled the book, she is conscious that there appears to more around than usual.

We soon meet the enigmatic Matthew – a vampire – and their confusing and uncomfortable relationship begins, which adds to the tension in Oxford. He begins to always appear to be around her, as well as the many more and every day increasing numbers of witches who are acting towards her in a threatening manner. She learns through Matthew, eventually that the book is very important to each of the supernatural classes, as they believe it contains very ancient information as to how they all began, and had been sealed using magic, which she had managed to overcome and open the book. She is effectively now in danger, as each group want her and the book to be the ones with the vital information.

There is a council made up of these supernatural creatures who decreed the their sort do not mix with each other, as they are desperate the Humans do not learn of their existence, so there is added danger as their evolving relationship is cause for concern to the council.

I loved this book, and could not put it down. The only reason it took me a while to read was finding the time, and the fact that it is a big book! I quickly checked and was delighted to find it is the first of a trilogy with book 2 already released (and in my Kindle) ‘Shadow of Night’.

If like me you enjoy these types of stories and yearn for a more adult story I would highly recommend this book.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thorn in my Side by Sheila Quigley

D I Mike Yorke has been in London working undercover and returns home to the North East and Holy Island, bringing a couple of waifs and strays with him. He has barely drawn breath when he is called to a very bizarre case of a body found which had been flayed.

The characters are at once familiar and comfortable, as is Sheila’s writing style. I downloaded this book onto my Kindle, and I have to admit to carrying it around with me so I could read a few pages whenever I had the chance. The action is fast, there are twists and turns, there is an element of …. No  I won’t say anymore to spoil this story.

My only HUGE disappointment was that the second book in the trilogy, Nowhere man, is not yet on Kindle! I was all set to download so I could continue on. I am told is will be on Kindle shortly, so I will have to be patient.
If you have read her books previously, you will not be disappointed, if you haven’t, I would suggest you do so now.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Deeper Darkness by J T Ellison

Like other fans of J T Ellison, I was nervous about reading a book with a new main character. Sam has been around of course, but not alone as the main character. Well I needn't have worried I really enjoyed the book, in fact almost read it in one go, only extreme fatigue prevented it.

I liked Sam, I liked the story, I liked the pace of it, I liked the characters. 

Sam goes off to help out the mother of an old boyfriend who has been murdered, by carrying out a second autopsy. She is drawn into the investigation as she too is unhappy with what has gone on so far. She works with the detectives in DC, as they begin to peel back the layers of her ex's life and military career to reach an understanding of what was really going on as more and more of his ex-military colleagues are murdered.

If you are already a fan, you will enjoy this book, if not - give it a go, you won't regret it!

Depth Perception by Linda Castillo

I have enjoyed Linda Castillo's books, but this was not one of the Kate Burkholder series, so was to be a new subject matter.

Nat woke after being in a coma for 3 years after her husband and child were horribly murdered. She decided to go home, once she was recovered, to investigate as no one had been charged with their murder, but many people believed it was her. Although she was viciously hurt, it was had been initially believed she did it to herself, all in order to received a large insurance payout. Although the case against her had been thrown out, people still felt she had been responsible

When she returns home, she found the memories in the small Southern town, were as strong as ever and she faced a lot of open dislike and hostility. She looks up Nick Bastille, who has just been released from jail, and had returned home to the same town, as he too had a child who had died. She did not believe it had been an accident but that he had been another victim of the same man who had destroyed her family. Eventually they combine forces to hunt for the murderer who may be responsible for several other child murders over the years. 

The core of the story is that Nat has been 'different' since she woke from the coma, she believes is in receipt of messages from her dead son. This, not being the easiest thing to make others believe in, makes her job to try and help other children who may in danger, very difficult. However with Nick at her side, and their growing attraction, they form a strong bond.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a little bit obvious in parts, but that did not spoil it for me, I have read it in one sitting, and would recommend it.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Sleight of Hand by Mark Henwick

I started reading this book thinking it would be distracting, as I was unwell, plus building work at home was stressful. It did that very well.

I found the book so easy to read, the characters real, and I quickly felt at ease with it. In fact I carried my kindle round constantly so I could read it anytime. 

It is, as the description indicates, a vampire story, but a different story from the usual. There are also werewolves, though they don't really have too big a part in this story. The book moves quickly as you learn about Amber and her story - her background - and how she has ended up in the position she is in. Why she is a private investigator, and we get to know the various people involved in her life.

I grew to love so many of the characters, I was so disappointed that book 2 is not yet out so I will have to wait, impatiently, for it. However, as I can see so many areas where this series can grow and develop......I am very excited about book 2!

If you are a fan of this genre, and are maybe looking for other than 17 year old heroines, I would urge you to give it a go.